Steps To Becoming A Better Person


If your life were to end tomorrow, would you have lived a full and satisfying life? Are there too many goals you’ve yet to meet? Are you truly who you want to be? Do other people know what you’re really made of? Learning how to improve personality and performance can give you more of the results you’re after in life and lead to greater fulfillment.

Improve Your Personality From Within

Image courtesy of under CC0 License

Image courtesy of under CC0 License

Who you are begins with your thought process and extends to the ensuing actions. It is therefore necessary to alter your train of thought to a more positive outlook. Even when nobody else is listening, what you think will significantly influence what you do, and how well you do it. Engage in meditation at least once a day, and learn how to focus your mind. Practice until you can think of absolutely nothing, meaning you’ve emptied your mind. Then one by one, let thoughts enter your mind that you want to be there. Mold and manipulate them. You can’t really improve your character until you’ve got the self-discipline to control your every thought.

Raise The Bar With Performance Ability

While it’s not easy to cease old habits and start doing better no matter how young or old you are, doing it incrementally can help. Experts recommend that you start small so that within a measurable period of time you see progress. For example, doing one more push-up every day means you’ve added seven to your total reps by the end of the week. Having one less cigarette every day brings a smoker down pretty quickly and shows them that they do in fact have the power to quit (perform). Raise the bar at logical intervals for anything you wish to start doing better, and you will improve your performance by default.

Benefiting Other People

One of the best ways to become more content with yourself is to do for others. Humility is the foundation of a great personality, so consider volunteering your time or sharing what you have in any amount to someone less fortunate. We learn so much about ourselves when we partake of good deeds, primarily how well off we really are! It’s half a humbling experience and half uplifting, but you usually end up right where you were meant to be.


How Your Personality Enlightens You

Ever have a bad day where you just can’t shake a grumpy mood? The response of the people you’re surrounded by is usually avoidance. By the time you finally get home to put your tired feet up, you realize how utterly ineffective your negative mood was. On the contrary, when you’re positive, people gravitate toward you and find your happiness contagious. Under those circumstances, you’ve still got energy at the end of the day and fall asleep feeling much lighter. Notice that the end result of any day starts and ends with you, how you project your personality to others and how their response in turn impacts you. This is not to imply that you can maintain an enlightened personality 100% of the time, but it is possible to significantly improve your own life and the lives of everyone you encounter by having a brighter outlook.

Learning how to improve personality and performance may not be easy or simple, but the rewards you reap can be profound. Most people would think of a million and one things they’d wish they had done differently if they knew their time was up tomorrow. Don’t let life pass you by without becoming the person you want to be, the person you were meant to be. Put your goals within reach by the sheer confidence you get when you perform at peak and when your personality just shines.